Saturday, 27 November 2010

Results of the meeting of Leiria (20th November 2010)

The attainment of the objectives of the learning Partnership is made nearer. Particularly we have appreciated in the report of the Finnish group the combined use of google docs with wordpress.
Concerning the constructivist approach presented by the Portuguese we’d like to underline the following aspect: to evaluate what and how an adult learns through the decoding of cognitive maps employed by the examined representative sample.
Particularly the tool employed to discover the cognitive maps has aroused a lot of interest. According to us, in a future project, an experimentation could already be initialized directed to fight the racism and the xenophobia in the adult world that is a priority of LLP underlined in these last years.
Through the care of the language we can change and get clean our concepts, too.
The Spanish and Polish groups finally have showed that through the blog and a good structuring of the adult learners’ groups it is possible to get shortly time good results.

By Italian group

Friday, 26 November 2010


We, all the teachers, have got together to evaluate how the meeting in Leiria went, and all of us have reached the same conclusion: that it has been a very good one. These are the reasons for this evaluation:

The working atmosphere has been the appropriate one to be able to reach the objectives we all had in mind: Johanna, with her smiling face, has directed the working sessions very well and we have tackled the objectives and prepared efficiently each one's tasks in anticipation for the next meeting in Italy.

We have to point out the good job the hosts have done towards us. They fulfilled the needs we had and they tried to follow through the timetables, didn't you, Pedro?

As we visited some of the IPL's schools, we were able to visit different places and this has been a very good experience. As far as the attention paid to our students by the IPL members, our impression is that they have done an outstanding job and for this reason, our students have an excellent impression of the meeting, specially living together with the Portuguese people. Apart from this, they have had the opportunity to visit some cities: Lisbon, Bathalla, Leiria and due to this they have got more cultural information and learnt different cultures.

The students are also working on this topic and once they have finished it, we will post it to the blog. Apart from this, the new technologies students, some of them took part in the meeting in Leiria, are preparing another work with some photographs of the meeting , and we will show you soon.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Results of the meeting (Leiria 20th -24th October 2010)


During the meeting the coordinator suggested concrete activities, useful suggestions to carry out the project and to achieve the project objectives; each planned topic has been debated. The future activities and the respective objectives have been clear and feasible and all the partners will carry out the agreed activities.

It was interesting the reflection about the “constructivism”, as a good educational method to help the students to build their knowledge. In our opinion the constructivism teaching methodology is effective in the field of adults teaching and, at the same time, a winning approach for the on line learning.

One of the most important aspects of the meeting was the participation of the Spanish and Finnish learners. They had the great occasion to visit a modern institute, to discover a nice country and to meet people from different countries, to have the opportunity to practice their English.

During the meeting, we have learnt important information about Wikispaces thanks to Philipe.

Our main objectives for the next part of the project

We believe that for increasing the on line communication we should

  • assist our students to improve their English knowledge;
  • look for all the activities which are useful to stimulate our students to familiarize with tools of social media in order to interact on line with learners from the countries of the partnership.

This way we will give them the possibility to exchange actively information and experiences with the adult learners from other countries.

By Italian group

Monday, 22 November 2010

News IEOL meeting in Leiria. Published in the Link
This is a site about science in Portugal. Use the Google tool to translate pages.

Monday, 15 November 2010

IEOL - Photos from Leiria Meeting

Hello everyone! Here are some photographs from the meeting in Leiria.
A hug for everyone, see you soon!! PHOTOS

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Portuguese team homework

Dear partners,

We have come to an original way of presenting our homework by using some cool functionalities of YouTube videos. Did you know that YouTube videos can be interactive? That is, a video can be defined to have "clicable" areas on its screen that link the video's visitor to other videos?
We have done a small experiment and propose you a game: how well do you know Portugal?
Please go to, see the video and play, by interacting with it!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Video from our Christmas Party

Check out this video from the "Let's Get Social" Christmas Party!

Pictures from Christmas Party

Here are some pictures from an early Christmas party that the "Let's Get Social" group arranged in Valkeakoski. We invited some international guests from a Finnish for Foreigners course to join us and talk about Christmas traditions around the world.

Let's Get Social Christmas Party

Minutes of Meeting 3

Here is a link to the minutes from the meeting in Leiria, Portugal, in October 2010.

Minutes of Meeting 3

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Presentation of Finnish partners in Leiria

This is the presentation of the Finnish partners in Leiria:

IEOL meeting 3 presentation Portugal

This is the presentation of the Portuguese partner in Portugal

Minutes of meeting 2, Lublin

Here is a link to the minutes of the second meeting of IEOL in Lublin, March 2010.

Minutes of meeting in Lublin

Presentation of Spanish partners in Portugal

Progress report by the Spanish Partner: