Monday, 6 June 2011

Evaluation of meeting in Torredonjimeno

Here is a link to the summary of the evaluation of our last meeting.

Meeting evaluation Spain

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Social Media for English

Social Media for English

  1. ICT skills
    • Students have a meeting in the computer lab before starting the course they receive instructions and practice necessary to get computer for using tools on the Moodle platform.
    • ICT support will be available throughout the course.
    • Students are introduced to use login and password.
  2. Number and length of contact lessons
    • The course is performed in a blended way, so a few lessons are given in presence of the students.
    • The lessons are of two hours each per week when in presence, lessons online should be of the same length and the lasting can be controlled by the teacher on the platform .
  3. Tasks and interaction
    • Tasks are structured in 15 learning units.
    • Interaction is carried out through forum, e-mailing and skype.
  4. Intervention
    • Trough the forum inside the Moodle platform is possible at every moment to interact between teacher-student/s and student-student.Interaction is of course possible in lessons in presence.
  5. Forming groups
    • Small groups of learners are formed to performe role playing and pair works, both online and in presence.

European Day celebration and givingprizes to the winners of the "Fotographic contest"

history course on Cold War with moodle

If you want to read a short description of strenghtnesses and weaknesses of this course see the following Presentation:

Monday, 9 May 2011

Italian Photographic Contest

Italian Photographic Contest

Today, the 9th May 2011, on occasion of the European Day festival, the proclamation of the winning photos of the Italian Photographic contest took place.

The winning photos

1.- “…lo scorrere del tempo.../ the flowing of the time” by Stefania Valandro. The winning photo of the category “Men and women around me".

2.- “Ingegno ed anatre / Immagination and ducks by Giuliana Menon. The winning photo of the category “Imaginative products”.

3.- “Montagna / Mountain” by Lisa Ferro. The winning photo of the category “Animals and natural environments”.

The Italian learners and teachers of the Photographic Contest thank the partner jurors who have send their judgements on the photos of the contest. We thank especially the Finnish, the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Italian jurors whose judgements made our contest very exciting.

Monday, 2 May 2011



Adria (Italy)


Grundtvig Learning Partnership

Minutes of the meeting n. 4

Adria, Italy, 20th ÷ 24 February 2011

Monday, 21st February

1. Opening

The Italian partners opened the meeting and welcomed the participants.

2. Presentation - work on


Presentations by each partner and discussion about interim evaluation of courses, and good practices as well as challenges identified so far:

The Italian partners presented their running online courses on Moodle platform (English level A1, Photography course, Cold War). Results have been shown about the present situation in comparison with the initial situation. The report showed that the use of social media have improved learners’ skills.

The Finnish partners presented their courses, both ended and running ones. They suggested, especially in the beginning, to take little steps, give time and don´t introduce too many tools as adult learners need time to master the social media. See

The Portuguese partners presented their courses about using social media (e-mail, blogs, technologies and subjects). See

The Spanish partners presented their courses. At the beginning learners have been divided in 3 different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The main needs addressed were new technology tools and new media languages and next months will be spent using Facebook as tool to communicate in English among learners from different countries. See

The Polish partner presented courses carried out in Lublin and surroundings about social media, information, using computer and entertainment; see .

Tue 22nd February

3. Work on project

Discussion about the last working period of the project: gathering a dossier of best practices. Introduction of the project Wiki for the dossier work.

The Finnish coordinator suggested to gather a dossier of best practices carried out by each partner and to collect them in a devoted social media called ”wikispaces”. All the partners agreed on that suggestion and right away the new space is open. See . Going back to the last working period of the project, the future steps were discussed and approved as presented by Johanna Garant. See also .

Discussion about possible new project. Ideas, suggestions, content, project type.

The new project will be on:

  • social media tools in field of education;
  • social media tools to be used by unemployed people who are looking for a job

IPL from Leiria will be the applicant coordinator and the new project type will be “Transversal KA3”.

During the meeting the Polish and Finnish learners have been accompanied visiting the most important sites near Adria. Indeed the have visited Pomposa abbey, Comacchio and Ferrara towns.

Learners and teachers, all together, have visited Padua city. The learners and the teachers have performed popular songs.

Besides the Finnish learners and teachers have visited Venice.


Trainers and staff: Ivo Zambello, Stefano Vallin, Luigi Francesco Cuoghi, Salvatore Filella, Michele Maglione.

Learners: Silvia Berardi, Andrea Bertaglia, Franca Cordella, Nicoletta Frassinelli, Rossella Modena, Alberto Silvestrin, Moreno Tenani, Leopoldo Mesini, Martina Callegari.

Instituto Politécnico de Leiria - Portugal

Trainers and staff: Mrs Antonia Barreto, Mr Felipe Santos, Mr Pedro Costa.

Institute for Human Resources Development ,Lublin – Poland

Trainers and staff: Mrs Katarzyna Urban

Learners: Mrs Halina Debek, Mrs Halina Piwonska, Mrs Halina Dawidek, Mrs Bogusława Czajka, Mrs Krystyna Zaczek, Mr Przemyslaw Jagiello.

Valkeakoski Adult Education Centre Finland (coordinator)

Trainers and staff: Mrs Johanna Garant, Mrs Reeta Tenhola, Mrs Sirpa Paavilainen

Learners: Mr Jussi Toivonen, Mrs Pirjo Kivinen, Mrs Tarja Pöytäkivi, Mrs Kerttu Mattila, Mrs Tuula Parikka, Mrs Mirja Ilola.

Centro de Educación Permanente "Miguel Hernández"- Spain

Trainers and staff: Mr Francisco Alvarez Carpio , Mrs Antonia Galán Hueso, Mrs Olga María Ocaña Ortega.