Monday, 12 April 2010

Course plan for next year

The Valkeakoski team has made a course plan for next year, incorporating contact lessons and online work. Here it is:
Course: English in authentic environments
Duration: 9 Sep. - 25 Nov. 2010 and 13 Jan. - 21 April 2011
Contact hours: 12 + 12
Teacher: Sirpa Paavilainen

Course description:
The aim of the course is to use a foreign language in authentic environments, to learn about your own and other cultures and to use social media tools for interaction. The participants will meet face to face every other week, and meet online between lessons. Contact lessons will consist of meetings with foreign visitors and guided visits to local places of interests, such as museums. The language of the visits and guided tours is English. There will also be contacts with European partners. The students will have an opportunity to travel with the teachers to meet partners in Portugal, Spain or Italy (additional cost). An ICT teacher will participate in the course to assist in using social media. The course is suitable for everyone, regardless of language skills (not for absolute beginners). Spanish and Italian can be used in communicating with European partners. The students will benefit from having the possibility to use the Internet outside of class.
This text (in Finnish, of course) will be published in our course catalogue . We would like to hear your comments about our plan. What do you think?