Monday, 9 May 2011

Italian Photographic Contest

Italian Photographic Contest

Today, the 9th May 2011, on occasion of the European Day festival, the proclamation of the winning photos of the Italian Photographic contest took place.

The winning photos

1.- “…lo scorrere del tempo.../ the flowing of the time” by Stefania Valandro. The winning photo of the category “Men and women around me".

2.- “Ingegno ed anatre / Immagination and ducks by Giuliana Menon. The winning photo of the category “Imaginative products”.

3.- “Montagna / Mountain” by Lisa Ferro. The winning photo of the category “Animals and natural environments”.

The Italian learners and teachers of the Photographic Contest thank the partner jurors who have send their judgements on the photos of the contest. We thank especially the Finnish, the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Italian jurors whose judgements made our contest very exciting.


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  2. The winning photos are wonderful, as are all the photos that participated in your contest. Thanks for sharing them with us!